International Concierge Service

Your American Dream Can Start Today.

With DC Partners International Concierge Service, you can move to the United States, today. Our all-inclusive services bring together everything you and your family need to start your new life with all the luxuries and conveniences that the United States can bring.

We work to make your relocation seamless, providing everything you need from the moment you decide to move to the United States. Our services include all the essentials to help you and your family feel at home and excel in the U.S.

DC Partners has established relationships with a variety of services and organizations, and schools to provide an unmatched personal experience, making your transition uncomplicated and stress-free.

From having a car pick you up from the airport with a driver speaking your native language and hotel accommodations when you first arrive to enrolling your children in the best schools. DC Partners Concierge Service promises to be there every step of the way.

Services overview:

  • Documentation Assistance
  • Legal Assistance
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Essentials
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Education
  • Getting to know your new neighborhood
  • Medical
  • Banking

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The Life for Your Family That You Have Always Wanted.

With our all inclusive International Concierge Service, you and your family can move to the United States, with support you can trust. DC Partners diligently coordinates, organizes, and manages all aspects of your transition from start to finish.

Documentation Assistance


When you are first considering relocating to the United States, one of the most daunting tasks can be navigating the visa process. Our International Concierge Consultants can guide you through this process. Our consultants are available to manage your immigration progression, work with you to collect the necessary documentation, and submit the essential paperwork for successful entry.


Legal Assistance



DC Partners has a strong working relationship with Foster LLP, an internationally recognized law firm specializing in immigration. With our International Concierge Service, you will have access to the legal team throughout your application process and stay. Foster LLP has been practicing immigration law for 40+ years and is extremely knowledgeable should any legal questions or issues arise.




Through DC Partners International Concierge Service, when you first enter the U.S. you will be issued a driver that speaks your native language. The driver can help you navigate the city, commute to and from school or work, and anywhere else you would like to go.

Once you feel comfortable, we can assist you with the Department of Motor Vehicles and obtaining your Texas Driver’s license. This includes everything from helping you prepare for your driving test to understanding the documents needed to obtain your license.

Individuals who move to the United States have found that purchasing or leasing a car can be difficult due to a lack of credit history. Our International Concierge Service can assist you in navigating this process and assisting with car dealerships.




As part of our International Concierge Service, we will inquire about your specific requirements, preferences, and housing budget to help you find the perfect home and neighborhood in Houston. When you first arrive in the U.S. we will arrange for you to be placed in a hotel with accommodations for long or short-term stays. Due to lack of credit, new U.S. residents can find it difficult to find quality housing. This is why leasing assistance is so important. DC Partners can co-sign your lease to give you the credit you need to lease an apartment.

Once you find your new home, we can help furnish it to your unique specifications and taste. Whether you would like a fully furnished home or just need assistance with finding local furnishing stores your International Concierge Consultant can help guide you through the process.

Alternatively, if you would like your furnishings shipped internationally to your new home, we have relationships with the most experienced and reliable freight forwarders in the industry.




In a new country, figuring out how to get the essentials can be challenging. Our International Concierge Consultants can help you settle into your new city by setting up utilities like phone, internet, and groceries. We can assist with the set up for the phone and internet plan you need to help you stay connected.

Your International Concierge Consultant can help you find the best grocery stores in the area and markets with cuisine reminiscent of your native country. Additionally, we can set up a grocery delivery plan, for added convenience.


Cultural Immersion


It is very common fo Expats to feel homesick and isolated. Your International Concierge Consultants provide you with multiple support services to lessen this and make you feel welcome. Cultural norms and customs may be different in the United States when compared to those of your home country. We will provide you with a comprehensive packet of information regarding what is customary here for you to view at your leisure. We have found that joining an Expat group has been highly beneficial. We can direct you to these as well as other international groups for you to form relationships and special bonds with during your stay.




Whether you’re looking to further your education or you need help finding the perfect school for your child, DC Partners has relationships with the top universities and schools for international students. Your International Concierge Consultant will work with you to find the best fit for your educational goals.

Students that are actively engaged in after-school programs in one way or another surpass their peers academically. Your International Concierge Consultant can help enroll your child in an endless array of extracurricular activities to set them up for success.


Getting to know your neighborhood


Once in Houston, we can help you and your family find the neighborhood that best fits your preferences. Houston has a variety of great neighborhoods to choose from, whether you prefer an urban area or the more spacious suburbs, we can help you find a location that fits your needs and budget.

Our International Concierge Consultants can give advice on managing and understanding cultural differences associated with your new area and will be able to help understand the new location and prepare for life in Houston.

Finding the parks and museums near your new home can help you really start to enjoy your new city. Your International Concierge Consultant can be your personal guide to the Houston area. If physical fitness is important to you, we can help you find a gym or activity class that you enjoy.




We will work with you to determine a comprehensive medical plan that fits your family’s needs. It can be intimidating navigating the American Healthcare system on your own if you aren’t familiar; therefore, DC Partners has done our due diligence reviewing various doctors covered under an international healthcare plan. These medical plans will include emergency medical services such as medevac and hospitalization in the unlikely incident that these are needed.




DC Partners has established relationships with several banks in the Houston area that offer specialized services to Expats. We will assist you in opening a checking account and obtaining a debit card. Your International Concierge Consultant will show you convenient locations and help to establish a relationship with a banker. We will also connect you with TravelEx, a robust currency exchange company, to ensure that you obtain the proper amount of American dollars either prior to your arrival or upon arrival. This will allow you to access your funds with greater flexibility before opening a bank account.