Landrace Head Chef Featured in the Today Show

Six time James Beard Awards finalist, Chef Steve McHugh, of Landrace, located inside Thompson San Antonio – Riverwalk Hotel, took part in an excerpt from The Today Show recommending patrons go the extra mile during the holiday season. The article interviews a variety of renowned restaurateurs and chefs offering tips on how to enjoy and maximize your meal away from the comfort of your own home on Christmas Day. While some restaurateurs mentioned having patience, given the hustle and bustle of the season, engaging with staff, acknowledging that the staff might have children or a significant other waiting for them at home, McHugh focused on considering a gift. On a day focused primarily around gift giving and receiving, spreading the holiday cheer with the staff not only waiting your table, but also hosting and cooking, while out dining is an incredibly thoughtful act. McHugh recommended something that can be shared easily between the entire team, such as a box of cookies or holiday doughnut. He mentions how a patron dining at Landrace arrived “with 10 pizzas for [the] staff” while “another brought a couple of cases of Big Red”. While these details or acts of kindness might seem insignificant, “These things go a long way.”

Be sure to check out and stop by Landrace, one of San Antonio’s most esteemed and widely recognized restaurants for a delicious meal honoring “the pastoral beauty of foods that can be traced back to the land where they are naturally shepherded over time, with seasonal menus that celebrate regional Texas ingredients and heritage growers close to home.”

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