Roberto Contreras

Roberto Contreras is the President and CEO of St. Christopher Holdings and DC Partners, which he founded in 2009.   Education Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Houston Summary Prior to St. Christopher and DC Partners, Mr. Contreras founded and was President and CEO of Cosentino North America. The combination of his diverse business experiences provides […]

Acho Azuike

Mr. Azuike is the Chief Operating Officer & Managing Director at DC Partners where he oversees all development, acquisition, and management activity. He joined DC Partners in 2009, and has helped lead product type and market area expansion by spearheading its first multifamily and hotel development in San Antonio, TX and a 6-acre mixed-use development […]

Douglas Dillard

Douglas Dillard has nearly 15 years of experience as a finance and accounting professional. In his current role, he manages finance and operations for several subsidiaries of St. Christopher Holdings and DC Partners. Mr. Dillard’s diverse background includes accounting leadership, financial planning and analysis, and technology consulting.

Julie Kleine

Julie Kleine is responsible for marketing programs, brand management, advertising, and public relations. Mrs. Kleine has more than 15 years of management experience in the publicly-traded real estate industry, including global sales and marketing, trade show development, digital/social and traditional media, and multilingual communications for international, commercial, and land information management consulting firms.

Emilio Guzmán

Emilio Guzmán is responsible for strategic client management communication, marketing, and investment compliance to enable effective business relations between investors and the company. Mr. Guzmán brings over 18 years of combined experience in real estate investment markets to DC Partners.

Armin Deutsch

Armin Deutsch is responsible for managing pre-construction planning, cost management and the construction and design teams for multiple projects.He actively participates in project go/​no go meetings and bid reviews, while evaluating and managing risk throughout the Construction Division.​ He oversees timelines and critical path scheduling for initial project start up and works closely with Project […]

Roberto Contreras IV

As Sr. VP works in new project selection and new project fundraising and deal structuring for DC Partners. With a special focus on fundraising Roberto is integral on getting early institutional funding for DC Partners projects in addition to serving as the Managing Director for sister Company, Houston EB5. Roberto also oversees DC Partners affordable […]

Chelsea Arellano

Ms. Arellano is responsible for managing the scope of work between the project owner and the design team. She ensures that the architect’s and interior designer’s vision for the space is on track at all times. She also works with the procurement agent and vendors to manage materials selections, timelines and budgets.  Education Bachelor of […]

Thomas Brown

Thomas Brown is responsible for planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling projects at DC Partners. Summary Mr. Brown brings decades of hands-on construction experience managing capital construction projects in both the United States and Africa. He joined DC Partners in 2016. Currently, he serves as Lead Project Manager for The Allen Development. 

Nick Skuteris

Nick Skuteris oversees day-to-day activities in the full-cycle development process including upfront due diligence, project planning, construction and design coordination, and leads the transition process with building maintenance and operations. He keeps the lender up to date on the project budgets, coordinates with future tenants, and provides information to the building management, operations, and engineering […]